and are two additional services  McNeilly Photography Studio markets and shares on this site.  After 35 years in business we still own and operate from our original storefront buildings.  Using the same  high end equipment they will be marketed  in  different ways reflected of the region.    

        With that in mind:   Here is a new change we are also proud of regarding Keepsakes:                   

Please Remember that most events will have Two folders.  The first folder is for the free photo strip downloads. 

The Second folder would contain  Customized images that may be purchased online as special keepsakes or gifts such as prints, coffee mugs etc. 

 Your Special event has often made it possible for us to create additional  fun photos you will enjoy.    Be sure to sign in if asked so that you can mark your favorites for easy future reference.   

Click on "The Photo Booth Events"  address at top of browser to  go back to main folder of galleries if you want to see if there is a second gallery available.  

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